About Us If you’re searching for affordable, professional, quality PPC (pay per click) Management Services in CT, you’ve come to the right place

Top Rank PPC has 10+ years of experience in digital marketing, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing and of course, PPC Marketing.

What we love about PPC is the ability to instantly attract new customers that are actively searching for the products or services your business offers. PPC offers full visibility from the time they click on your ad all the way to the action they take on your website. It also offers an accurate way to calculate your ROI (Return on Investment) that can then be used to further optimize your PPC campaign, to ensure future success.

We’ve worked with all types of businesses from small to large (largest being over $15 million/year) and in all types of industries. This knowledge and education have positioned us as a true leader in PPC Services in the Connecticut area, gaining a strong advantage over our competitors.

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Client Satisfaction

As a client-focused Connecticut PPC agency, our number one goal is to provide clients the best experience possible. That’s why our retention-rate surpasses that of our competitors.

Personal Attention

All our clients work one-on-one with a dedicated Account Manager. Having a dedicated local team means you don’t need to rely on automated PPC software that doesn’t understand your business.

Complete Transparency

You’ll always know what we’re doing for you and why we’re doing it. You’ll always own your PPC accounts and have direct access to data that many agencies don’t disclose.

Paid Search Services Include

Keyword Research

Keyword research takes place in the early stages of campaigns by laying down a foundation for future projects, campaigns, or content.

Competitor Analysis

We perform a thorough analysis of your competitors. This then gives us the knowledge to strengthen the likelihood of onset success.

Ad Creation & Testing

PPC success is dependent on the ad content itself. Trust us, we’re experts in creating ads and split testing to get the best results.

Google Analytics Integration

With Google Analytics, it’s now possible to track how a visitor came across your site, which ad they came through, how long they stayed, and what kind of content or keywords kept them there.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking will show how campaigns are performing and how effective they’ve been. Tracking strategies also allow for retargeting of users who completed some of the steps, but never reached the final conversion.

Unlimited Optimizations

At Top Rank PPC we want to ensure your success by optimizing a campaign as many times as necessary to make sure to get the most results in the shortest amount of time.

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Capture quality leads from online users who are interested in relevant products and services. Whether custom audiences or intent-based marketing strategies, Top Rank PPC assists companies to maximize their ROI and achieve profitable lead generation goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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Our PPC Marketing Plans Our Tiered Plans Fit Any Business Size


$ 300 /mo

Monthly Ad Spend: $0 – $1,499

Platforms: Google Ads
Status Emails: Yes
Account Access: Admin
Reporting: Basic
Google Analytics: YES
Goal Setting: YES
Call & Conversion Tracking: Basic
Remarketing/Display Ads: NO
$350 setup w/ 3-month commitment


$ 450 /mo

Monthly Ad Spend: $1,500 – $4,500

Platforms: Google & Bing Ads
Status Emails: Yes
Account Access: Admin
Reporting: Basic
Google Analytics: YES
Goal Setting: YES
Call & Conversion Tracking: YES
Remarketing/Display Ads: YES
$450 setup w/ 3-month commitment


$600 /mo

Monthly Ad Spend: $4,501- $7,000

Platforms: Google & Bing Ads
Status Calls: Monthly
Account Access: Admin
Reporting: Advanced
Google Analytics: YES
Goal Setting: YES
Call & Conversion Tracking: Advanced
Remarketing/Display Ads: YES
$550 setup w/ 3-month commitment

Is your budget more than $7,000/month? Please contact us to discuss custom pricing.

Social Media Marketing

Conversion Tracking

We will set you up with Google Analytics, Google Ads (AdWords) conversion & call tracking. That way, we can base your campaigns on all the data that’s important to your business.

Precision Targeting

Our pay-per-click management services rely on a range of targeting techniques to identify your most valuable customers and deliver ads to them at the right times.

Our remarketing campaigns will keep your audience coming back after they’ve visited your site or made a purchase.

Conversion Optimization
Viral Marketing

Results Reporting

Discuss strategy and results with your dedicated Account Manager. You’ll also receive monthly emailed Performance Reports that give you an in-depth overview of your campaign.

Getting Started No magic formula here. We just take the time to understand our clients’ businesses so we can build campaigns that find their customers and help them grow.


Get in touch with our team and discuss what services your business needs in order to grow.


Work with us to identify areas of opportunity and share access to look at your current results.


We discuss your business goals and present strategies customized to help you boost your business.

Good Fit?

Discuss what the relationship with us looks like, including services, reporting, and expectations.


Once everyone feels confident with the strategy, we move forward with the campaign and the growth process begins!